Weekday Homilies 2019

January 2020

Jan 31

Friday of 3rd Week of OT A--Memorial of Saint John Bosco, priest

With passion to serve the youths and encouraged during his youth to become a priest so he would work with young boys, John studied and was ordained in 1841. His service to young people started when he met a poor orphan and instructed him in preparation for receiving Holy Communion. He then gathered young apprentices and taught them catechism....
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Jan 30

Thursday of the 3rd Week of OT A

A missionary priest from India once shared his vocation story saying that he was born and grew up in a countryside. He was brought to Church once in a while. A priest who came to celebrate the Mass, he rode a two-wheel mobile. When he arrived to celebrate Mass, he let his mobile on so to use the headlight of the mobile for Mass. As a young...
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Jan 28

Tuesday of 3rd Week of OT A--Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor of the Church

Today, the Church remembers Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor of the Church. He is honored with the title the “Angelic Doctor” who wrote the Summa Theologiae, the best known work of Thomas Aquinas. He is the patron of Catholic schools, colleges, and universities of philosophers, theologians, and booksellers. Thomas was born of...
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Jan 27

Monday of 3rd Week of OT A

Today’s Gospel passage is an interesting passage talking about the sin against the Holy Spirit which will never be forgiven. When the Scribes says to Jesus that he is possessed by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, this really reminds us all that Satan is real, and Satan is acting in us if we allowed him to. The question then, how would...
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Jan 21

Tuesday of 2nd Week of OT A--Memorial of Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr

Persecution or Christian persecution, and it is Christian persecution. Adult persecution or children persecution, and it is both. Today, the Church remembers Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr at a very young age of twelve. She was one of a very few female Saints mentioned in Eucharistic Prayer I. At that young age, she was led to the altar of...
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Jan 20

Monday of 2nd Week of OT A

In the first century, the Israelites strictly observed the fast and prayer because they believed that the Messiah would come soon. Jesus recognized himself as the Messiah who already came, but they rejected him because he was born in a manger and not in the palace. Since he recognized himself as the Messiah, he didn’t observe strictly the...
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Jan 17

Friday of 1st Week of OT A

The life of Saint Anthony of Egypt will remind many people of Saint Francis of Assisi. At the young age of twenty, Anthony was so moved by the Gospel message that we heard in today’s Gospel, chosen for the feast of Saint Anthony, reported a young man came and asked Jesus what must he do to inherit the Kingdom of God? To him, Jesus...
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Jan 16

Thursday of 1st Week of OT A

Poverty was everywhere after the war. Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer and one of the great writers of all time, approached a beggar on the side of the road while on his way. He searched his pockets to help the beggar, and he learned that he didn’t bring money with him. He said to the beggar, “My brother, don’t get mad at me. I...
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Jan 14

Tuesday of 1st Week of OT A

An atheist loves to climb mountains. One day, on his trip to the top of the mountain, he accidentally slipped and fell. On his falling, he luckily got hold of a branch of a tree. Nobody was around him, and everything seemed to stop in front of his eyes. A thought came to his mind, “Why don’t I try to call on God for help?” He...
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Jan 13

Monday of 1st Week of OT A

Satan complained to God that he’s not just and not fair saying, “People went against you, talked bad about you, disobeyed you, cursed you and even crucified your only beloved Son on the cross, but you still loved them and forgiven them not once but many times. But I,” Satan said, “disobeyed you Lord only one time, and you...
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Jan 10

Friday after Epiphany

Leo Tolstoy was a Russian writer and one of the greatest authors of all time. One of his best known novels was War and Peace in 1869, he recalled an inspired experience. War didn’t bring any good but poverty in all over the country. One day, he was stopped by a beggar asking him for some change. He searched and searched his pockets and...
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Jan 9

Thursday after Epiphany

What happened in a Christmas play at a parish was when a young man came out as Jesus made up like a homeless to come to the poor, but the ushers thought that he was a real homeless and didn’t let him in. In the angle of putting make up for the young man as a homeless, the group was success, and their intention to introduce Jesus as a...
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Jan 7

Tuesday after Epiphany

In one cold evening, Thomas Carlyle, writer and philosopher, was sitting in front of his fireplace to warm himself. His new pastor came to visit him. After a few exchanging words of greeting, his pastor asked: “For you, what do we need the most in our parish?” Without a blink of his eyes, Thomas responded, “What we need the...
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Jan 6

Monday after Epiphany

The Light has entered into the world that destroyed darkness with the message of repentance for the Kingdom of God is at hand. This Light is Christ, reported in today’s Gospel, he comes with a mission. His mission includes twofold: To bring the good news and to cure the sick and the illness, and to announce the repentance for the Kingdom...
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Jan 3

Friday, January 3—Christmas Season

A handsome and intelligent man began to search for his perfect significant other. He went to Cairo, Capital of Egypt, and he found a beautiful lady that he thought she would be the one whom he was looking for. She was beautiful, but she wasn’t nice and often used unkind words in her speech that disappointed him. He then went to Baghdad,...
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Jan 2

January 2--Christmas Season--Memorial of Saints Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops & Doctors of the Church

Saint Basil the Great was born in Asia Minor. Two of his brothers became bishops, and together with his mother and sister are honored as saints. His energy and zeal mitigated the disorders of the Church, and his solid and eloquent words silence d the heretics. On the death of Eusebius, he was chosen Bishop of Caesarea. He died in 379, and is...
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