Wednesday of 4th Week of Lent A--Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

How Would We Used God’s Grace?

Have you ever wondered why the Church chooses this date during Lenten Season to celebrate the solemnity of the annunciation of the Lord? To celebrate Mary’s Fiat, Mary’s saying “yes” to be the Mother of God? Or to celebrate the moment the Son of God, God himself, took flesh in the womb of a virgin? The Church celebrates this Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord this day because it’s exactly nine months from this day to Christmas, December 25. However, to celebrate this feast is not about Mary carried him in her womb for nine months, but it’s more about her saying “yes” to be the Mother of God. Who is Mary? Why has she been chosen to be the Mother of God by the power of the Most High?

We are told that Mary was a daughter of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. Noncanonical sources told us that both Joachim and Anne were devout and advanced in age. Saint Anne promised to God, if given a child, she would dedicate it to the Lord’s service. Both Joachim and Anne received a vision of an angel, who announced that Anne would conceive and bear a most wondrous child. They rejoiced at the birth of their daughter, and Anne named her Mary. When Mary was three years old, they brought her to the Temple of Jerusalem and left her there to fulfill their promise.

Growing up in the temple, Mary was chosen to be the Mother of God as the angel greeted her, “Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you.” Why wasn’t she greeted as “Mary, the Lord is with you”? Perhaps, when the Lord called someone for a special role, he tended to change the person's name as well such as Abraham, Father in faith, his original name was Abram; Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, his original name was Simon; Paul, the teacher of the Gentile, his original name was Saul; and “Hail, full of grace” reported in today’s Gospel, her original name was Mary. The question then, has Mary been the only human being full of grace that the Lord is with her and not us?

A young man had a habit of having deep sleep that his mother always had to wake him up every single day. After he graduated and began to work a distance from his mother, she bought him an alarm clock. On his first day at work, he forgot to set the alarm clock and ended up to come late for work. On his second day of work, he remembered to set his alarm clock before going to bed. But when the alarm went off, he turned it off, and he ended up to come late for work again. He got laid off and went home to his parents. His mom asked him about the alarm clock. He said that it’s useless. “It’s useless,” his mom replied, “because you didn’t use it.” God’s grace are poured down upon each and every one of us, but have we used his grace in our life? Mary responded to God’s grace by saying yes to be the Mother of God, even though there were moments of difficulty and change, she followed through, what have you and I done with God’s grace in our Christian life?


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