Wednesday of 3rd Week of Easter A--Memorial of Saint Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor of the Church

Mystical Marriage by Learning to Lay All Labor and Burden on the Spouse

Today, the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor of the Church. Story told that as a child, prayer was her delight. She would say the “Hail Mary” on each step as she mounted the stairs, and was granted in reward a vision of Christ in glory. As a child, only at the age of seven, she made a vow of virginity and afterwards endured bitter persecution for refusing to marry. In the midst of struggle in the Church, when Roman people went against the Pope and wanted to seek the life of Christ’s Vicar, she wept and prayed for unity and peace. With intense earnestness, she begged the Lord to prevent this enormous crime. In spirit, she saw the whole city full of demons tempting the people to resist and even slay the Pope. The seditious temper was subdued by Catherine’s prayers; but the devils vented their malice by scourging the saint herself, who gladly endured all for God and his Church. She finally gave up her spirit at Rome in 1380 at the age of thirty-three. What was it about Catherine that gave her wisdom and strength to defend for the authority of the Pope and to endure her virginity to the Lord?

The Church chose the Gospel of Saint Matthew to celebrate the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena. In his writing, Saint Matthew reminds us the words of Jesus encouraged us saying, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Trusting in her Lord, day and night she wept and prayed for unity and peace in the Church. She laid all her labor and trusted in her Lord that she was elevated into sainthood and doctor of the Church.

Through her life and the teaching of the Lord Jesus, we are invited to lay all our worries, labor, and burden of life to the Lord Jesus. We are invited to allow him to carry for our labor and burden of life. What does it mean if it’s not to learn to have faith in the Lord Jesus? To try our best to follow his teaching? And to have courage and strength to be witnessed in this walk of life? The decision is always yours.


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