Wednesday of 1st Week of Easter A

Recognizing Jesus at Breaking of Bread

“To maintain a joyful family,” Saint Pope John Paul II once said, “requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.” So, how do we become servant to the others in our family? There are three elements that one cannot be fulfilled without the others: Conversation, Family Meal, and unity.

Each and every one of us comes from a family. In that family, we all communicate with one another almost daily through our talks, laughs, sadness, joys, confusions, conflicts, etc. We also share our meals together at least once a day. It is either our hated dish or our favorite dish, either our favorite hot chocolate milk shake or our diet tasteless milk, and many other unlike dishes and drinks or favorite dishes and drinks. Of course, in our meals and conversations together, we build up our bond as a family together, a joyful family together. If we take one of these three elements out, the other two will vanish. 

In today’s Gospel, Saint Luke portrayed a scene of two disciples were on their way to go back to their hometown after the death of their master. While they were on their way, Jesus appeared to walk along with them, but they couldn’t recognize him until the breaking of the bread at dinner. Through conversation with Jesus and especially at dinner, they recognized Jesus that united them together. They went back to Jerusalem where they found gathered together the eleven reported the experience of the risen Christ.

Through conversation, the two disciples couldn’t recognize the risen Lord until at the breaking of the bread at dinner, we might not have problem to read and to share the Words of God, the Scriptures, but we are highly invited to share the meal with Jesus at Mass, at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist to experience his passion, death and resurrection. Through conversation and sharing at meal, the two disciples were united with the risen Christ to have courage and strength to spread the good news, we are constantly invited to be strengthened in our faith, hope and love through reading Scriptures and attending the Eucharistic celebration, even though it’s only through online during this pandemic of coronavirus. One of the two disciples named Cleopas and the other Saint Luke didn’t mention his name, perhaps, he wanted us to know that each one of us can be that unmentioned name disciple. Just as the two recognized the risen Christ at conversations and breaking of the bread at dinner, have you and I ever experienced the risen Christ in our Christian life? How would we increase our faith, hope and love?


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