Wednesday of 13th Week of OT--Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle

Unless I See and Touch

Fides et Ratio, or Faith and Understanding, that Saint Pope John Paul II compared them as the two wings of a bird that the bird cannot rise to the Truth when one of the wings is injured or broken. Faith and Understanding or Faith and Science that one needs to balance them in order to rise to the Truth. One cannot emphasize too much of one site than to the other.

What Thomas demanded to see the nail-marks of Jesus and to touch with his fingers on Jesus’ side was a fact. What we would experience with our five senses, there was no need of believing since we experienced with our senses. If Thomas saw the nail-marks on the hands and feet of Jesus after his death now he was alive, then there was no need of believing that he was risen from the death since he saw these marks from crucifixion. In addition, if he could touch the side of Jesus, he would make sure that there was a hole since he was pierced with a lance or a sword. With all these facts, he would not need to believe that Jesus was resurrected from the death. To this doubt, Jesus’ appearance in his presence and commanded him to touch the nail-marks and to put his hand into his side, Thomas responded by not touching his nail-marks and his side but testifying saying, “My Lord and my God!”

Just as this Word brought this universe and all contained in it into the existence, this Word also change the heart of a doubtful Thomas to believe in his resurrection. Have you and I ever in our lives doubted the presence of God in our lives? Have you and I ever doubted that God don’t love us and punish us instead when we ourselves or loved one(s) suffering from illness and sickness, ran away from the Church, involved into addiction of any kind, and many other problems? Thomas believed at Jesus’ resurrection and changed because of his voice, have you and I ever heard Jesus’ voice in our lives? If not, how would you and I been able to hear his voice? Would you and I been able to listen to someone when we were busy with so many activities either within our mind or our action?


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