Tuesday of Holy Week A

The Voice of Jesus

In his book, The Heart of the Enlightened, Anthony de Mello told a story of a man who was busy building a home for himself. He wanted it to be the nicest, cosiest home in the world. Someone came to him to ask for help because the world was on fire, but it was his home he was interested in, not the world. When he finally finished his home, he found he didn’t have a planet to put it on.

In today’s Gospel, both Peter and Judas heard the words of Jesus warning them of their actions. For Judas, Jesus did not only tell him that the morsel dipped into the cup and gave it to who was the one who betrayed him. Judas heard the words, received the morsel, and still betrayed Jesus. For Peter, he also heard what Jesus told him that before the cock crowed, he denied him three times. Even though Peter didn’t accept what Jesus said, he eventually still denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. The difference between Judas and Peter was Judas didn’t believe in Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness that he hung himself, while Peter believed in Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness and repented.

Is it a story of Judas and Peter for more than two thousand years ago? Or rather, it is a story of our time. Have you and I ever heard God’s voice asking us not to do that, not to do this? Jesus’ voice told us don’t do that because it’s a sin; don’t do this because that’s not right, and yet, we still do it. In fact, when we commit a sin for a few times and see ourselves fine, then we have no problem to do it again and again and again. We might commit the sin to the point of becoming a habit that we cannot get rid of it. Some of us might pray to get over it, but somehow, we cannot get over it. We then become doubting that God might not listen to us.

We might not have problem to hear God’s voice, but we might have problem to do what the voice asks us to do or not to do through the authorities or through one another. Both Judas and Peter heard the warning of the Lord Jesus, but Judas failed to humble himself to acknowledge the need for God, especially his mercy and forgiveness and to repent of his wrongdoing. Peter, on the other hand, acknowledged his wrong doing and return to the Lord with repentance. Both you and I are invited to have a true conversion of heart to acknowledge the need for God, his mercy and forgiveness for the times that we failed to listen to his voice and to follow his commandments. The Lord Jesus calls us and knocks the door of our soul hoping that we open the door to let him in, have you and I had courage and strength to let him in and to have a true conversion of heart? Decision is yours.


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