Tuesday of 7th Week of OT A

The Spirit of A Servant

A little girl on her grandpa’s lap one evening looked up the sky and asked, “Grandpa, how many stars are there on the sky?” “It’s a lot,” grandpa responded, “There are hundreds and thousands of stars on the sky.” The little girl began to count one, two, … while her grandpa went back to read his newspaper. After he finished reading his newspaper, he heard his granddaughter still counting two-hundred twenty-one, two-hundred twenty-two, … thought suddenly came to his mind, “O Lord, I have been receiving your many graces and blessings just like those stars on the sky.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds his disciples and to each and every one of us saying, “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” How would we be the last of all and the servant of all if it’s not to learn to humble ourselves to thank the Lord for all the graces and blessings that we have received throughout our life? The moment that we neglect to recognize the many blessings and graces that God bestow upon us, the moment that we are distorted with all the material possessions and the power obsessions that this world offers to us.

May our present moment is the moment of being grateful and thankful to God the Almighty who continues to keep us into the existence by providing us the fresh air to breath in every moment of our life. May we recognize the hands of God that guide and protect every member of our family, our community, and our society away from harm and danger in this walk of life. May we learn to become like children who always depend on their parents and grandparents for everything and anything that we all learn to depend on God in everything and anything that we are and what we have. Have you and I ever experienced receiving blessing after blessing, grace after grace from the Lord? If we have, have we learned to share with others? How would we use God’s grace and blessing? If we haven’t experienced receiving any blessing from the Lord, what would we do in order to experience the blessing and grace from the Lord? Decision is yours.


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