Tuesday of 4th Week of Easter A

Good vs Bad

Yesterday, Jesus identified himself as the good shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep. Did he lay down his life for good or for bad? For restoration or for destruction? For justice or for shame? His works testified that he is the Good Shepherd, but have you and I believed it or we are just like the Jews have difficulty to believe?

In today’s Gospel, after being pushed by the Jews when they wanted to know that he was really the Christ that they were looking for and searching for, Jesus said, “I told you and you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify to me.” What were his works if it’s not to restore sight for the blind man, to heal the blood flowing of a woman, to allow the lame walked, to be friend with the tax collectors and sinners, and to forgive sins? His works were to restored and renewed and not to destroy. His works were to bring good out of bad. In him, there was no destruction nor bad things, but only goods since he is the Good Shepherd.

A lady was always afraid of dying until one day her only son died. At his funeral, the priest told a story of a good shepherd who led his sheep to cross a river. Looking at the raging water of a river, all the sheep were afraid to cross the river. Out of all the sheep, the shepherd brought the youngest one and walked with him through the raging water. The mother of the sheep and all the sheep saw the youngest sheep arrived on the other side of the river, they all went into the water and came to the other side of the river.

The Lord Jesus is the good shepherd who never leaves us alone. He is always with us journey with us, to heal us, to restore us, and to forgive us as long as we believe in him and follow him. Have you and I had enough courage and strength to have faith in him and to follow him the good shepherd? What is it that might make us afraid to follow him? How would you overcome it? Who is the good shepherd for you in your life? Is good shepherd good or bad for you? How would you know it the good shepherd is good or bad? Decision is yours.


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