Tuesday of 3rd Week of Easter A

Holy Eucharist & Spiritual Exercises Produce Healthy Spiritual Life

After graduated from Gary Jobs Corp Center in San Marcos with Electrician Degree, I went to Houston to work for Schill Electric Company. I was about two and a half years living in America and weighted only 99 pounds at the age of twenty-four. They had a contract to work for the Garage Bus station in Houston. I couldn’t even carry, especially to raise the ladder up, which must be heavier than my body weight. Every time I to climb up to run the wire and to install the motor for that garage, my supervisor had to carry the ladder and to set it up for me.

Recalling my second job since I’ve been living in America, I ate and drank whatever, but I couldn’t gain a single pound. McDonald’s meal was my meal every single day I worked for that Electric Company. Since it was during summer in Houston, I drank two big cups of coke with that McDonald’s hamburger and a big French fries, but I still couldn’t gain a single pound. Were the food and drink not good for me? Not at all, in fact, I loved it that’s why I ate almost every day. It took me ten years in order to begin to gain some weight. When I gained, I couldn’t stop it.

It is the same food and drink that some eats and drinks and gains no pound, but others eat and drink and gain real quick. Why? The most Holy Eucharist, some partake in it and produces kind words and good deeds. Others partake in the same Eucharist but might produce what is bad words and evil deeds. Why?

Hamburger and coke and any other foods and drinks that we consume each day to provide energy for us to perform active works. In my simple opinion, when we produce an equally amount of work to the amount of food and drink we take in, then we have no problem of gaining weight. When we consume more than we produce, than we run into problem of balancing our weight.

The most Holy Eucharist, the Bread of Life, when we partake it into our life and produce tremendous kind words and good deeds, our spiritual life is healthy. But if we consume the Body and the Blood of Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist, but we fail to produce kind words and good deeds, we might run into obesity, unhealthy spiritual life. So, how do we avoid obesity of spiritual life? The Lord Jesus invites us saying, “Whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.” When we consume him and exercise to follow his teaching, we will balance our spiritual life and will never hunger and thirst again. The decision is yours.


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