Tuesday of 32nd Week of Ordinary C--Memorial of Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr

Prayer and Being Present to Christ Will Bring Unity Among Christians

Today, the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Josephat, Bishop and Martyr. He was born of Ukrainian Orthodox parents about the year 1580. He embraced the Catholic faith as a young man and entered the Greek Catholic Order of Saint Basil the Great. He was elected bishop of Polock. He was noted for his piety and devotion to the poor. He worked tirelessly for the union of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with Rome. Enemies of the Union plotted his death and he was martyred in 1623. He became the first Eastern Church personage to be officially canonized by Rome.

Jesus prays to God the Father that those who believes in him may all be one; and where he is, they will be with him. What does Jesus mean? Does it mean that we need to make an effort to bring unity among all those who believe in Christ? Effort that we all need to work with one another, but it does not mean that all our effort will bring everybody together. What brings to unity is that through Christ who prays to God the Father for unity. It is not only about his prayer to God the Father for unity among all Christians, but it is his invitation to all those who believe in him need to spend time with him. How would we spend time with Christ if it’s not in our prayer? How would we pray if we are just busy with words addressing our needs and our wants? How would we pray if we just focus on our appearances and not focus on listening to Christ? How would we listen to Christ when we are not present with him in our prayer?

Just as Saint Josephat made himself present to Christ in his prayer by devoted himself tirelessly to serve the poor and his piety to bring unity among Christians, specifically Ukrainian Orthodox and Roman Catholics, how would we make ourselves present to Christ in our prayer? Prayer and being present to Christ will bring unity among all Christians, would you make time to pray and to spend time to be present to Christ to pray for unity among all Christians? The decision is yours.


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