Tuesday of 2nd Week of Advent A

Looking for What is Lost

Carl Sandburg in his article titled “The Muckers,” he talked about a group of construction workers who often worked hard in dangerous and dirty cases with injustice paid. During the collapse of the economy, many people got laid off and couldn’t find job. People really worked more and spent less. This group of construction workers complained that their job was dangerous and difficult to face. Those who had no job standing on streets heard this, one of them said that they wished to have that injustice paid job.

Only when we lost what we used to have, then we might not understand what it meant to be lost. In today’s Gospel, Jesus used the parable of the lost sheep to teach his disciples that only when you are lost, you will not understand what it meant to be lost. The shepherd was the one who cared for the sheep, protected the sheep, and lead the sheep on the right path. Without the shepherd, the sheep are very vulnerable to danger. Without the shepherd, the sheep might not have their filled. Without the shepherd, they are lost and exposed to danger and even death.

The true shepherd is the one who recognized this and pursues to look for the lost sheep. This true shepherd is our Lord Jesus Christ who left his throne in heaven to come down to us to be among us. He searched for the lost. He healed the sick. He cured the disease. He defended the widows and the orphans. He forgave the sinners and promised the kingdom for the criminal who repented. Whoever lost and came back to him, he saved them. Have you and I ever lost sight of God because of work, life, and many other things became our priorities and not God? How would Jesus find us when we are lost? Perhaps, prayers will reach his ears to come to our rescue when we are lost. Have you and I called on him in our prayers? Have you and I consistently called on him in our prayers? If he still hasn’t heard us, have we prayed according to his will or according to our own will? God is very near to us, but are you and I closed to him?


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