Tuesday of 22nd Week of Ordinary C--Saint Gregory the Great, Pope, Doctor of the Church

The Greatest Will Be the Youngest, the Servant

Saint Gregory the great, Pope and Doctor of the Church, was a son of Gordianus, a Roman regionarius and Saint Silvia of Rome, a nephew of Saint Emiliana and Saint Tarsilla, and great grandson of Pope Saint Felix III. He was educated by the finest teachers in Rome, and he served as a prefect of Rome for a year, then he sold his possessions, turned his home into a Benedictine monastery, and used his money to build six monasteries in Sicily and one in Rome. Seeing English children being sold in the Roman Forum, he became a missionary to England. He was elected 64th Pope by unanimous acclamation on 3 September 590, the first monk to be chosen.

He was a true pastor with great concern for the pastoral care for his flock. In the book of pastoral rule, I, 6, Saint Gregory taught, “All who exercise pastoral care over others ought to focus on, not the authority of their rank, but the equality of their condition with others—rejoicing not to rule over others, but rather to do them good. For indeed our ancient fathers in the Faith are said to have been not kings of men, but shepherds of flocks.” How beautiful it is that we are all reminded to shepherd one another and not to rule over one another. Just as the Lord Jesus reminds us in today’s Gospel saying, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant.” How would we become servant to one another? A suggestion: At home, at work, at Church, and in other settings, do I always seek the welfare of those I lead? Am I open to correction from them? Am I a servant leader?

May we all have a heart of a servant modeled by our great teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ. May we learn to shepherd one another and not ruling over one another. May we follow the true shepherd who shepherded his flock with great compassion and mercy. 


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