Tuesday of 1st Week of Easter A

Respond to a Familiar Voice

Have you ever avoided answering a phone call? Living in our modern technology, a lot of us, including myself, recognize what phone call we should pick it up and what phone call we want to avoid. Perhaps, the numbers that we don’t recognize in our phone book, we try to avoid answering. We absolutely avoid to answer the phone call that said “risk spam” or “united states” or “unknown” and many other phone calls that we don’t recognize that they try to harm us than to do good for us.

However, when we receive a phone call from a recognized numbers, we do not only want to pick it up, but we also try to call back if we missed the call. A telephone call from our boss at work, for instant, we better answer it. A phone call to check on you from your spouse, you better answer it. A phone call from parents checking on their teen going out at night, the teen better picks it up. There are also some important phone calls from people we know, we want to answer them. It seems that we only answer the phone call when we are familiar with the number or the person of the number making that call. We don’t want to answer the phone call of the unfamiliar number or unfamiliar people.

In today’s Gospel, Mary Magdalene responds not to a phone call but to a familiar voice saying, “Rabbouni,” which means Teacher. In order to recognize her Teacher, Mary Magdalene would have to spend a lot of time to be with Jesus in order to recognize his voice. More than that, she must have a special love for the Lord Jesus in order to hear his call in the midst of sadness because the tomb is empty, his body is not there.

Have you and I ever heard God’s calling us in our lives? If yes, how would we respond to him? If no, what is it that makes us distant from him and not able to recognize his voice? Mary has a special love for Jesus that helped her recognized him when he called her, how is our love for the risen Lord Jesus Christ? Would we be able to love him without loving others? How would we love God and love one another as well? Decision is yours.


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