Tuesday of 1st Week of Advent A--Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, Priest

Preaching the Gospel of Christ to Others

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Francis Xavier, Priest. This young Spanish gentlemen, in the dangerous days of the Reformation, was making a name for himself as a Professor of Philosophy in the University of Paris, and had seemingly no higher aim, when Saint Ignatius of Loyola won him to heavenly thoughts. After a brief apostate among his countrymen in Rome, he was sent by Saint Ignatius to the Indies where for twelve years he was to wear himself out, bearing the Gospel to Hindustan, to Malacca, and to Japan. The vast kingdom of China appealed to his charity, and he was resolved to risk his life to force an entry, when God took him to Himself, and on the second of December, 1552, he died, like Moses, in sight of the land of promise.

Saint Francis Xavier did what Jesus asked his Eleven when he sent them saying, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” Saint Francis courageously went out of himself to evangelize many nations before he reached to China since Japan looked to China for wisdom. Francis died of fever on the island of Sancian off the Chinese coast as he attempted to secure entrance to the country, then closed to foreigners. His preaching the Gospel of Christ converted many souls back to God. In Portugal, there was about 20,000 people accepted baptism. He traveled tirelessly from village to village, and on the southwestern coast of Portugal, he baptized 10,000 people. In Malacca, now Malaysia, and Japan, he also left legacy to convert many souls back to God.

Francis had planned the seed well, what have you and I done with the seed that’s planted in our souls the moment we were baptized into Christ at our baptism? Have we had enough courage and strength to bring the Gospel of Christ to others? How would we live the Word of the Lord? The decision is yours.


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