Tuesday of 19th Week of Ordinary

Acknowledging the Need for God

The Lord Jesus reminds his disciples saying, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven.” Is there any child ever recognized of his or her great work? Is there any child ever considered as a great worker? Or rather, he or she is a good boy or a good girl because of his or her obedience to the parents, kind and nice to others.

A little girl struggled in the water tried to save herself. Her mother called and shouted for help. A strong man heard it and came to help. However, he didn’t jump into the water immediately to save the girl. No matter her mom shouted and begged him to save the girl, the man didn’t get into water until the little girl stopped moving completely. He jumped in and saved the girl. The mother later asked him why he didn’t jump in right away to save her daughter but waited until she stopped moving. The man replied that when the girl still waved her hands and kicked her feet, she was strong and might get herself down and me as well. I had to wait until she stopped moving in order for me to jump in to rescue her.

Only when we stop struggle to save ourselves, stop selfish and humble ourselves, then the hands of God will save us. He invites us to be like children who totally depend completely on their parents for food, for shelter, for everything. Children depend everything on their parents because they realize that they are not able to do anything without their parents. The Lord Jesus also invites us to depend on God by becoming like children. Have you and I wanted to become like children? Perhaps, we are all invited to be humble ourselves acknowledging the need for God in our life. Have you and I ever needed for God in our lives?


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Homilies by Fr. Joseph Thang Nguyen

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