Tuesday of 14th Week of OT

At the Presence of Christ, the Mute Speaks

In the movie “The Mark of the Devil,” told a sad story of a little girl born with a strange mark on her chest. People lived in the village believe that the strange mark is the mark of the devil, so they decided to put her into a basket and threw it in the ocean. A fisherman rescued her and raised her up. Years passed, she grew up and married to a young man. They loved each other and lived with the fisherman. One day, people in the village caught her together with her new born baby who had the same mark on her chest. The mother tried to burn that mark on her baby’s chest but couldn’t. The end of the movie showed the death of the mother next to the house that the man burned it down, while the baby with her eyes wide opened wondering what’s going to happen to her.

God created human beings with the ability to communicate with our mouth. Some couldn’t communicate well because of illness, others couldn’t speak at all. Some spoke like normal, but others had excellent skill of communication. Some spoke fine but no one wanted to listen because of their social status, and still others used social status to accuse someone falsely. Unlike that little girl born with a strange mark on her chest couldn’t speak for herself and they threw her into the sea, the mute, reported in today’s Gospel, was lucky to have others brought him to Jesus. Jesus drove out the demon, and the mute man could speak.  

God created us with the ability to communicate with others verbally. Have you and I use that ability to help others, especially those who are in need, or we use to accuse someone falsely? At the presence of the Lord Jesus, the mute speaks. Have you and I had Christ present in our lives? Is there anything in life that might stop the presence of Christ in our life? Each time we receive Communion is each time we receive Christ into our life. Have you and I experienced the presence of Christ in our life each time we receive him at the Eucharist?


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