Thusday of 33rd Week of Ordinary--Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary Came to Claim to Be the Temple of God

Today, the Church celebrates the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The celebration is only reported in apocryphal literature. The Protoevangelium of James tells us that Anna and Joachim offered Mary to God in the Temple when she was three years old. This was to carry out a promise made to God when Anna was still childless. The Gospel the Church chose for this celebration, written under the pen of Saint Matthew, described the scene that Jesus’ mother and his brothers wished to speak with him. Jesus replied saying, “Whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother.” Blessed Virgin Mary was brought to the temple to do the will of the heavenly Father. What is it important about this celebration, the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Mary was presented to the temple was not only to do the will of the heavenly Father, but it was to claim that she is the Temple of God. Anna and Joachim kept their promise to offer the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Temple at the young age. Mary came with her parents to the Temple to show her humble obedience to the human parents, and she accepted the invitation to be the Mother of God as a total obedience to the holy will of God.

The mother asked her son, “Do you remember to pray before you go to bed son?” “Yes, I do mama,” he replied. “And you pray when we wake up?” his mom continued. “No, mom.” son replied, “It wasn’t dark as the night.”

Mary’s fiat, her faith is a total obedient faith to do the will of God the Father the moment that she was offered in the Temple to the moment that she was taken up into heaven both body and soul. Meditating on Mary’s presentation to the temple is to examine our own temple, our body. Just as Mary claimed her own temple when she was offered in the temple, how would we claim our own temple, our body, as a temple of God? Her faithful obedient to God allowed her to be taken up into heaven with both body and soul, how is our faith in doing the will of God the Father?


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