Thursday of 4th Week of OT A--Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

Observing the Word of God Not only in Our Mind, Heart, Lips, But in Actions

In 1945, Nagasaki, Japan, is familiar to Americans as the city on which the second atomic bomb was dropped and immediately killed over 37,000 people. Some centuries before, 26 martyrs of Japan were crucified on a hill, now known as the Holy Mountain, overlooking Nagasaki. Among them were priests, brothers and laymen, Franciscans, Jesuits and members of the Secular Franciscan Order. There were catechists, doctors, simple artisans and servants, old men and innocent children—all united in a common faith and love for Jesus and his Church.

Among these martyrs of Japan was Brother Paul Miki, a Jesuit and a native of Japan, has become the best known among the martyrs of Japan. While hanging upon a cross, Paul Miki preached to the people gathered for the execution with one sentence that struck me saying, “the only reason for my being killed is that I have taught the doctrine of Christ.” Paul Miki taught what the Lord Jesus commanded him, and that was to teach the doctrine of Christ.

When Jesus was on the Cross, he said to the good thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise” (Lk 23:43). Just as Jesus gave judgment to the good thief on the cross, Paul Miki testified for the Truth on the cross. Just as Jesus forgave those who crucified him on the cross, Paul Miki forgave his persecutors and asked God to have pity on them that his blood will fall on his fellow men as a fruitful rain. Just as Jesus promised to those who teaches and observes what he commanded them that he will be with them always until the end of the age, reported in today’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus was with Paul Miki and his companions that they were canonized in 1862.

Perhaps, we all have an opportunity to listen, to study, and to approach to the Word of God through Bible or other religious materials, how have we observed what we’ve learned from the Word of God? Have we had courage to talk the Word of God to others, especially to our loved ones? Have we had courage to live and not just to talk the Word of God to others, especially to our loved ones? If we have to testify for the Word of God by shedding our blood and even our life, are we willingly to testify for it? How would you and I lived the Word of God? In our mind only? In our heart only? On our lips only? Or with all these in our actions? Decision is yours.


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