Thursday of 4th Week of Lent A

The Unbelievers

A hunter often gets lost in the desert, so his friend gives him a compass with the hope that he will not get lost again. With this compass, the young hunter still gets lost in the desert, so his friend who gave him the compass asked him that if he carried the compass with him when he went for hunting. “I did,” he replied. “How comes you still get lost with the compass in your hands?” his friend asked. “I wanted to go to the South, but the compass kept turning around and pointed to the North which I didn’t want to follow.” Many of us, perhaps, read Scriptures and be familiar with the Scriptures, but we might not want to follow the direction of the Scriptures and want to follow our own direction.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminded the Jews to believe in him because he came from God the Father. As he came from God the Father, he could lead them to God the Father, but they refused to listen to him and to believe in him. Why?

They refused to believe in him and to follow him because they knew that he’s from a poor parents Joseph and Mary. The Messiah that they were waiting for is not like Jesus who often broke the laws of Moses such as healing the sick and the illness on the Sabbath, allowing his disciples pick up the grain on the Sabbath, and even raising the dead back to life again on a Sabbath. All his good deeds were to show that he’s from God the Father, but they didn’t accept him.

Have you and I ever rejected to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ? We might say that we have never seen him, how can we listen to him? We might not see him physically in our life, but through good words and good deeds of others toward us might tell us that they have Jesus in their lives, have you and I believed that? As others allowed the Lord Jesus shines through their good words and good deeds in their lives, have you and I ever allowed the Lord Jesus shine through our lives in our words and in our deeds? Are we his followers, his believers?


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