Thursday of 4th Week of Easter A

Meaning of a Servant

Continue with the lesson of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, Saint John points out another important criteria of the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd is called to be a servant and not the master. Just as Jesus, in today’s Gospel, reminds his disciples and to each and every one of us saying, “Amen, amen, I say to you, no slave is greater than his master nor any messenger greater than the one who sent him.” As the Lord Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, he invites them and us to wash each other’s feet, or rather, to be humble to help one another as the followers of Jesus Christ.

On one morning, a shoe maker woke up earlier than usual. He cleaned his shop and prepared it neatly to wait for a special guess. This special guess is nobody else but Jesus Christ since he met in his dream and he promised to come to see him today.

He waited with full of joy. When the sun was up, he heard a knock on his door. He’s sure that Jesus had arrived and hurried to open the door. The person was standing in front of him wasn’t Jesus but the mail man. That morning was toward the end of winter, and the mail man standing in front of him with his red noses and ears because of the cold. He invited the mail man inside and made him a cup of coffee. After the chat and a warm cup of coffee, the mail man thanked the shoe maker and continued his route.

The shoe maker went back to the waiting room to wait for the special guess again. Looking through the window, he saw a little girl was crying in front of his shop. He went out and found out that the little girl lost her mom, and she didn’t know how to get back home. The shoe maker decided to bring her to the police station, it’s a small building for only a few cops serving in that little country town. Before he left, he wrote a note and left on the desk to excuse his special guess that he would be back soon. When he got to the police station, there was no cop there. He read the note on the door, because of the pandemic of coronavirus, they only worked from home. After several phone calls, he couldn’t get hold on to any cop. He decided to take the little girl home himself. After several hours, he brought her home safely.

Coming back to his shop, he saw a widow neighbor waiting for him because her little boy was sick all night long last night. He went over to her house and helped her to take care her son. He got home when it was late evening. After a long day, Jesus didn’t show up. But in his sleep that night, he heard Jesus said to him, “Thank you for giving me a cup of coffee. Thank you for taking your time to bring me home, and I thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. I thank you for welcoming me today.” What does it mean to be a servant for you? Have you ever served anybody in your life? Would you want to serve others? Decision is yours.


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