Thursday of 31st Week of Ordinary C

Finding and Rescuing a Lost Sheep

At the office of a psychological counselor, a beautiful young lady said, “Everything I want, my husband gives me. I have everything, I mean everything I want, and I have it. However, somehow I still feel empty inside. Would you help me doctor?”

The counselor didn’t say anything to her but asked her assistant to tell the lady of her own story. The assistant began saying: “My husband died a year ago, and three months ago, my son also died in an automobile accident. I felt like I had lost everything. I was sad. I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t smile. I couldn’t eat, and I lost a lot of weight. One day, I came home late after work. As soon as I opened my garage, a cat just ran inside. I came out, and she meowed and walked around my feet with her tail paddling on my feet. It was a cold evening, and I felt sorry for the cat. So, I let her inside. I gave her a glass of warm milk. After that, she meowed and curved her body around my feet that made me smile. That was the first time I smiled after a long time. I thought to myself, if helping a cat that helped me smile, then helping someone would make me happy. Next morning, I toasted some sandwiches and brought to an elderly lady who was sick in my neighborhood. Each day, I tried to do something for someone to make them happy. I finally understood that we could never be happy if we just waited for someone to bring happiness to us. We would be happy when we did something to make someone happy.”

The lady cried in listening to this story. She finally learned that she could buy anything and everything she wanted, but she lost what money could not buy happiness. She began to practice what the assistant shared.

In today’s Gospel, the shepherd did not only pay attention taking care of his sheep, but he paid more special intention to the lost sheep that he left the ninety-nine to search for the lost one. The ninety-nine had each other and might not need the shepherd, but the lost did. Isn’t it true that only when we get lost, we really hope to find the way back? Isn’t it true that only when we help one another, we really help our own self? Decision is yours.The decision is yours.


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