Thursday of 30th Week of Ordinary C

Coming in the Name of the Lord

After the Vietnam War was over, many teens and young men were forced to go to service. This time, going to service possibly meant to get sick and to die. Living in the city, many young men had no idea what it meant to farm in the country side. Some felt sick in the service. Others died because of the explosion of grenade after war. Still others died because of difficult labor with little nutrition supplied. Therefore, many teens and young men escaped from the service. Among them was my brother, who had to stop school at eleventh grade to escape from Vietnam. After eleven times, he finally ended up in Malaysia then came to America in 1980.

Unlike my brother and many other young men escaped from the danger of death, Jesus, even though some Pharisees warned him that Herod wanted to kill him, reported in today’s Gospel, still desired to come to Jerusalem to die. He had a mission to accomplish, and his mission was to come in the name of the Lord.

Story told that there was a religious monk, his job was to repair and to sew any fabric, fiber, synthetic, silk, leather, wool or cotton materials in his community. One day, he was sick, and in his dying bed, he asked, “Please, give me the key of heaven.” All the monks surrounded him couldn’t understand what he meant except his best friend who was in charge of kitchen. He ran and came back. He handed him the needle for sewing. The monk held it with a big smile and took his last breath. The needle that he used to sew and to repair any clothes for others in the community was the key to open heaven for him. His mission on earth was accomplished and was given a needle to open heaven. Have you and I had a mission in this earthly life? What is it? How would you and I accomplished it? Jesus accomplished his mission by coming in the name of the Lord, should we accomplish our mission by using the name of the Lord? What does it mean to come in the name of the Lord for you? The decision is yours.


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