Thursday of 25th Week of Ordinary Cycle C

Jesus, Who Are You?

In today’s Gospel, Herod asked a question that we might still ask in our modern days, “Who then is this about whom I hear such things?” Someone thought that he was John the Baptist who stood for the truth even though he had to shed blood to testify for it. Jesus couldn’t be John the Baptist since Herod beheaded him. Others said that he was Elijah or one of the ancient prophets had been arisen that Herod also denied. Elijah was mighty indeed who could call fire from heaven to consume those who went against the Lord. Prophets were the ones with mighty words of conversion those who had harden hearts. Jesus Christ was identified as John the Baptist, Elijah, or one of the prophets, but who is he now?

One image that Jesus is identified as the one hanging on the cross. In this image, one can see his hands, his body, the horizontal line and the top part of the vertical line of the cross with no face nor head on this crucifix. Why does the artist portray Jesus hanging on the cross as such?

His visible hands are to bring unity of humanity. His human body connected to the top part of the vertical line to show his sacrificial of his human nature to bring reconciliation of human beings to God the Divine through his human nature body. Only through him that we find reconciliation with God the Father. Only through him that human beings find reconciliation with one another. Only through him that we find unity of the human race.

There are many people who are his visible hands, his visible body and feet to reconcile humanity with God and with one another. These people could be you, your family member(s), friend(s), coworker(s), classmate(s), neighbor(s), or even stranger(s). When you and I come together to reconcile with God and with one another, Jesus will make himself visible in our midst. We will see and understand his ultimate sacrificial offering for the sake of our salvation on the cross. Who is Jesus Christ for you and me? Are you and I his hands, his feet, and his body in this walk of life?


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