Thursday of 1st Week of OT A

Words and Deeds That Bring Healing and Restore Life

Poverty was everywhere after the war. Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer and one of the great writers of all time, approached a beggar on the side of the road while on his way. He searched his pockets to help the beggar, and he learned that he didn’t bring money with him. He said to the beggar, “My brother, don’t get mad at me. I don’t bring money with me.” The face of the beggar was brightened up and said to Tolstoy, “You called me brother, and that was a great gift for me already.” Leo Tolstoy had learned the meaning of human being when he said, “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” Leo had learned this, perhaps, through studying and understanding the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus, reported in today’s Gospel, taught us that serving others, especially the outcasts of the society, was his concern. The crying out of the leper touched his heart that Jesus healed him from his leprosy. From his humility, Jesus did not only bring healing for him, he also touched him to bring him back to the society. He did not only bring physical healing for the leper, Jesus also healed his inflicted spiritual soul and asked him to go to show himself to the priest and offered his cleansing.

Just as the words of Tolstoy that brought the beggar back to the society, giving him back his human dignity; through his touch, Jesus brought the leper back to the society. Tolstoy only brought the human dignity of a beggar back to the society by calling him “my brother,” Jesus restored the leper's physical being by healing his leprosy. He also restored the outcast leper back to the society by his touch. How are our words to one another? Have our words brought unity and healing to others? Or have our words brought disunity and destruction? Have our deeds to others brought healing for the sick and the illness? Have our deeds to others brought them back to community or to push them away? The words and the deeds of Jesus bought healing, restored life, and restored relationship with one another, how are your words and deeds to others?


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