Thursday of 1st Week of Easter A


During this octave of Easter, the Church arranges the Gospel’s readings to help us experience the risen Lord Jesus Christ with his disciples. After he appeared with some individual disciples, today, he appeared to the eleven. He appeared to them when they were discussing and recounting their experience with the risen Christ. The first words that Jesus said to him were, “Peace be with you.” In the midst of sadness, confused, and lost because of their master had gone, and they couldn’t find his body, the words of Jesus reached to their ears to ease their anxiety, afraid, and worry.

Have you and I ever been worry, anxious, and afraid of anything in our lives? During this pandemic of coronavirus, some of us might be worry that we might get infected from this dangerous virus. Others are anxious about the future and want to go back to work in order to pay all kinds of bills. Still others are afraid to constantly search on internet and media to ease their worry, anxious, and afraid. I’ve received all kinds of emails and messages that this virus brought stress, depressed, and sickness because of being confined at home.

After hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and two other states, power went off and many people in those states were in darkness and frightened. In the midst of this natural destructive hurricane, people began to point the finger to blame on this organization and that organization, to accuse this group and that group for slow response to save lives. In all those accusations and blames that seemed nobody wanted to be responsible for, our Bishop Emeritus Edmond Carmody came to make a statement online saying that after the hurricane, people searched and looked for human errors to point the finger on this or that, but I, he said, “I went to Scriptures and seek for guidance.”

At the death of Jesus, his disciples scattered, afraid, sad, and lost. But his encouraged words, “Peace be with you” that brought them back to reality to have strength and courage to go out to witness for his passion, death and resurrection that we heard from today’s first reading taken from the Acts of the Apostles. Perhaps, when we and the whole world are facing this pandemic of coronavirus, we are invited to come to Scriptures to seek for guidance, especially the peace of the risen Christ. As the Lord Jesus said to his disciples, “Do not be afraid,” he says that to each and every one of us today, “Do not be afraid.” Come and seek peace in his words only and nothing else. The decision is yours.


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