Thursday of 1st Week of Advent

Listen, Understand and Act on the Word of God

A King had a habit to listen a passage of Sanskrit scripture, the Bhagavad Gita often referred as the Gita. The one who was responsible to read and to explain to the King was a wise Buddhist Monk. At every end of explaining what he read from the Gita, he always asked the King, “Do you understand what I’ve just read and explained to you?” Every time the King replied, “You should ask that question to you first.” Then one day, while he was reading a passage in the Gita, he suddenly stopped and left the King’s palace to become a beggar. Before he left, he told the King that he finally understood what was understanding was to live what one understood. To be truly enlightened is to live the Truth.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds his disciples and to each and every one of us that it is not to say, “Lord, Lord,” that we will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of the heavenly Father. In order to do the will of the heavenly Father, don’t we need first and foremost listen? How would we listen if we don’t silent ourselves from any noise either in our head or in our heart? We need to learn to tune out any noise within us to be able to silent ourselves. Listening then will help us understand so to be able to act on what we listen and understand.

Reading the passage and explaining the passage from his understanding was not difficult for the monk, but it didn’t help the King. The monk was busy with what occupied in his heart, his mind, and his soul that he couldn’t listen. When he suddenly listened, he understood, and he was enlightened. Have you and I ever been enlightened by the Word of God? How would we know that we are enlightened by the Word of God? Say a prayer, attend the Mass, read the Scripture, learn the Word of God, and give alms to those in need are all good, but have we been able to listen to why have we done all these things? What are these things for? What is the will of God the Father for you and me? Have you and I been doing it?


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