Thursday after Ash Wednesday A

Carry Our Own Cross

A man was given a cross to carry with Jesus during forty days of Lent. After a first few days, he asked Jesus to change to a different cross because the cross he carried was too heavy for him to bear. Jesus agreed to his request and brought him to a cemetery. In the cemetery, there were many different crosses that he could choose from. He glimpsed through once and laid eyes on a little pretty goal cross and thought to himself it must be light since it’s small and pretty. He used his fingers to remove it, but he couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pick it up even though it’s a small cross. He then moved to a silver cross with the intention that it might not cost like the gold cross. Once again, he couldn’t pick it up neither. He thought to himself, maybe the simple wooden cross might be fitted for him. He still couldn’t lift it up neither. One cross after another, he couldn’t lift any of the crosses in the cemetery. He finally understood that each and every one of us that God gave us our own cross that’s fitted to us. We just need to accept our own cross to bear and to follow Christ.

In order to accept our own cross to bear during these forty days of Lent, the Lord Jesus, reported in today’s Gospel, invites us to deny ourselves and take up our own cross daily to follow Christ. What does it mean to deny ourselves if it’s not to abandon our needs, our own desires and wants? Not only to abandon our own desires, our needs, and our wants but also to accept whatever challenges and difficulties that might come to us in following the Lord Jesus during these forty days of Lent. May our fasting, praying and giving alms during these forty days of Lent help us overcome our own desires, our own wants and needs to accept what is challenge and difficulty in following Jesus during these forty days of Lent. The Decision is yours.


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