Thursday, December 19

Respond to God’s Message?

Yesterday’s Gospel introduced Joseph, one of the people involved in the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. Today’s Gospel, Zechariah, was introduced as another face involved in the birth of the Savior. Zechariah, according to today’s Gospel, was “righteous in the eyes of God, observing all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blamelessly.” However, he and his wife Elizabeth had no child because she was barren and both were advanced in years. In one of his serving as priest in the temple, the angel came to him and told him that his wife will bear him a son that he will name him John, but he said to the angel, “How shall I know this?
For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.” To this doubt, Zechariah was struck mute till the day he gave his first born child the name John as the angel announced to him. Just as Zechariah doubtfully responded to a good new that the angel announced to him, have you and I ever doubted any good new that the Lord somehow revealed to us in our lives?

There are three men born in that family. One is drug addict, stealing, and continuously violates laws of the society. The second son is always working hard for not only one job but for two jobs to support finance for the family. The third one has no job and does not want to do anything and ignore everything going on in the family except eating and sleeping. One day, these three are failed sick at the same time, and before they die, each one says his last words why he is dying. The first one says that he’s dying because his family in a previous life owned him, now he comes back to take what they once owned him. The second son says that he owns this family from his previous life, now he works hard all these years just to pay back what he owned. He now finishes and ready to live. The last son says that he has no debt to this family, nor owns anything from this family. He just comes into this family to witness the other two sons paying and taking from this family. Now, he sees the other two died, so he also dies.

We Catholics don’t believe in this reincarnation. However, each and every one of us is invited to respond to God’s call in this walk of life. We might walk on different paths of this life, but we are all invited to respond to God’s call in this walk of life. So, what is God’s call for each and every one of us? For Joseph reported in yesterday’s Gospel, responded to God’s call through the words of the angel to take Mary to be his wife without question nor doubt. For Zechariah reported in today’s Gospel, he was invited to believe in the words of the angel that he failed and was struck mute. God speaks to us every moment of our lives. He calls us every moment of our lives. However, have you and I wanted to answer his call, his invitation? 


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