Saturday of 3rd Week of Easter A--Memorial of Saint Athanasius, Bishop

A Defender of Faith

Today, the Church remembers Saint Athanasius, Bishop. He was born in Egypt towards the end of the third century. He was pious, learned and deeply versed in the sacred writings at his youth. As only a deacon, he was chosen by his bishop to go with him to the Council of Nicaea, in 325, and attracted the attention of all by the learning and ability with which he defended the faith. A few months later, he became Patriarch of Alexandria, and for forty-six years he bore, often well-nigh alone, the whole brunt of the Arian assault. What did the Arius teach? And why did Athanasius defend for the Church that he was honored as one of the greatest of the Doctors of the Church?

The Arius taught that Jesus Christ was not God, couldn’t be equal to God the Father. To this teaching that Saint Athanasius defended for the teaching of the Church drawing from Scriptures. Since this is not a Doctrine of Theology class, I just want to put it simply in my understanding that as the teaching of the Church teaches us that Jesus Christ is God. He is the Son of God the Father. He is the Second Person in the Trinity. The Three equally Persons in God. Although they are three, they are One God. This that Athanasius defended for the Church of the Church that Jesus Christ is God. He is the Son of God the Father. He and the Father and the Holy Spirit are One God. It is a mystery, but how have we got a glimpse of understanding this doctrine?

An analogy of the Ohm’s Law to explain the Three Persons in God, different but equal in power and only One God. In Ohm’s Law, there are current, voltage and resistance. Just as from the beginning of creation, the universe was a chaos. God, the Three Persons, as Scriptures revealed to us, the Father created the universe by his Word that He said the Word, and it came into being. In human creation, God the Father breathed into the man’s nostril and brought him into being. This breath that we understood as the Holy Spirit, and the Word was the Son of God. In any electric circuit, left it alone, it’s just a junk. As soon as we apply the power into the circuit, it appears current, voltage and resistance. Missing either one of the three elements, there is no power. Voltage is like God the Father. As soon as the Voltage source attached to the circuit, Current flows like the Word of God the Father spoken to bring things into being. The Resistance is what maintained the circuit not overload so the Holy Spirit of God is like the wind that maintains the being in the existence.

Jesus Christ was born by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Just as the burning bush without consuming, the Blessed Virgin Mary carried the Son of God, God himself without any stain of sins. Jesus Christ is not only a human born of a woman, but he is also God took flesh in a human’s womb. Therefore, he is not only God, the Son of God, but he is also man. These two natures are inseparable in Jesus Christ, the Second Person in Trinity. Do you believe in the teaching of the Church on the Trinity? When we call ourselves Christians, have we lived our lives as the followers of Christ? Decision is yours.


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