Monday of 4th Week of Lent A

Demanding Signs or Listening to the Word of God?

A pastor was preaching about judgment day. “Thunder will roar, flames will flash across the sky. Floods, storms, devastation such as you’ve never seen …” he continued dramatically. Wide-eyed, a young boy turned to his mother. “Will I get to skip school that day?” he whispered.

In John’s Gospel, there are two levels of faith: Faith because of seeing or experiencing with our five senses or faith because of listening and believing without experiencing with human senses. As we recall from scriptures, at Cana, Jesus changed water into wine when the host of the wedding ran out of wine. And in this Cana, Jesus once again performed another miracle using his words reported in today’s Gospel. A royal official whose son was ill in Capernaum came to Jesus and asked him to heal his son. Jesus said to him, “You may go; your son will live.” The man believed in the words of Jesus and left. While he was still on his way back, he learned that his son was healed from his sickness.

During this time of fighting with the Coronavirus, we are invited to have faith in the Lord Jesus, in his words, and in his compassion and mercy. We are reminded to pray unceasingly. Have you and I still have faith in the words of God during this difficult time when the whole world is fighting against the Coronavirus and when the scientists and doctors are still on the run to find the vaccine for the cure of this Coronavirus? The royal official trusted in the word of God and his son was restored back to healthy life again, have you and I trusted in the words of God to seek for wisdom and guidance in fighting against the Coronavirus? We cannot fight like doctors, nurses, and those healthcare professional days and nights bring cure for those affected by Coronavirus, but we can contribute our helps in this matter by our social distance even though it’s difficult and challenged. The decision is yours.


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