Monday of 34th Week of Ordinary C

Offering the Lord Our Best and Everything We Are Is an Invitation

In his book The Heart of the Enlightened, Anthony De Mello, S.J., told a story of a man once was busy building a home for himself. He wanted to be the nicest and expensive home in the world. Someone came to him to ask for help because the world was on fire. But it was his home he was interested in, not the world. When he finally finished his home, he found he didn’t have a planet to put it on.

“Stay awake!” the response of the acclamation of today’s Gospel, “For you do not know when the Son of Man will come.” Does it mean to drink coffee to stay awake? To drink energy or red bull to stay awake? To eat constantly to stay awake? How would we stay awake in waiting for the Lord to come?

In today’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus was so impressed with the poor widow who had placed her two small coins which was nothing compared with others, but the Lord Jesus said that she put in more than all the rest. Why? What the poor widow offered was her whole livelihood, while others offered what was extra; what was left over; and what was no need of. To see the poor widow devoted her whole livelihood is to help us examine ourselves how would we offer ourselves to the Lord in our daily life, our daily spirituality? Have we offered him thanks and praise only when we have time? Have we offered him thanks and praise only when we need him? Have we offered him what is left over, no need of it, or no good anymore? Have we offered ourselves, our loved ones, our relatives, our friends, our neighbors, and those we are concerned in God’s care? Have we offered the Lord our lives in good time and in bad time? Have we offered the Lord our worries, our anxieties and stresses of our daily life? What would you and I offer to the Lord each day and each time we participate at Mass in waiting for him to come? The decision is yours.


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