Monday of 29th Week of Ordinary C

What Are We Doing Here on Earth?

A man spent his entire life to work hard and to save money. When he died, he carried a bag of US dollars to go to heaven. He was introduced to a large hall with all kinds of food and drink. Everything costed the same. He came up and asked for a filet mignon steak and a class of white. He gave the angel serving a $100 bill, but the angel refused and said, “Here, we don’t use US dollars. We use heaven currency only.” “What is heaven currency?” the man asked. “Heaven currency,” the angel replied, “is the currency you saved each time you helped others while on earth with what you had.”

In today’s Gospel, the words of the Lord Jesus reminds us that it will be no good for us to store up treasure for ourselves on earth, but we are not rich in what matters to God. What would we do to be rich in God’s eyes? How would we store treasure in God’s eyes? What are we doing here on earth? Are we here to build our treasure on earth, and when we die, we cannot even bring it with us?

Just as Jesus warns the crowd saying, “Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one's life does not consist of possessions,” he also warns each and every one of us to avoid being greedy and selfish. How would we do that if not to learn to acknowledge the need for God and for one another? Perhaps, in order to avoid greedy and selfish, we are invited to be humble to acknowledge the need for God and the need for one another. The decision is yours.


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Homilies by Fr. Joseph Thang Nguyen

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