Monday of 1st Week of OT A

A True Call Requires of Leaving and Following

Satan complained to God that he’s not just and not fair saying, “People went against you, talked bad about you, disobeyed you, cursed you and even crucified your only beloved Son on the cross, but you still loved them and forgiven them not once but many times. But I,” Satan said, “disobeyed you Lord only one time, and you never forgave me.” The Lord said to Satan, “Have you ever repented and asked for forgiveness?” The Lord is not only just and fair, but he loves us and waiting for us to respond to his love.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus caught sight of Simon and his brother Andrew casting their nets into the sea and called them to follow him. Out of what is ordinary life, Jesus called them for a special mission, and he couldn’t do it if they refused to leave what is normal life to follow him.

A true call always begins with an initiative move of God calling us first. True vocation requires a response to the call that God is always the One who initiates the call. It is not our vocational discovery of our call either to be priest, religious person, married person, or single, but it is a call first and foremost from God himself. Just as Simon and Andrew, God called them to follow him first and foremost that they responded to him by leaving everything and followed him, “they left their nets and followed him,” have you and I had courage and strength to leave everything behind and follow him when we listen to his words at Mass and when we read his Scriptures? Just as Simon and Andrew left everything to follow the Lord and to stay with him, have you and I had courage and strength to leave ordinary things that might be so attractive to us to spend time with the Lord in prayer and in silent to listen to his teaching? Just as Simon and Andrew spent time with the Lord to listen to him and to learn from him before they were sent out to do ministries, have you and I spent time with the Lord in our prayer and in listening to the Lord in silent before we make any important decision in our daily life? What would you do after you listen to the Word of God? How would you live the Word of God after you listen to the Word of God? Has the Word of God become alive in your life or it’s just the Word of God? I can learn many English vocabularies, but if I cannot put it into practice or communication, these vocabularies become meaningless. Is the Word of God you listen become alive in you or meaningless in your life?


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