Monday of 16th Week of OT Cycle C--Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

Sin More, Love More and Met the Resurrection Lord First

The story of Martha and Mary that we just heard on weekend, is that Mary the same Mary Magdalen that the Church celebrates her feast today? Pope Gregory the great believed that this Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, and a sinful woman bathed Jesus’ feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair, they are Mary Magdalene. However, our modern scripture’s scholars disagreed with it. One thing that no one can deny that is Mary Magdalene was the one at the foot of the cross of Jesus (Mk 15:40-41). She was also present at the tomb where Jesus was laid (Mk 15:47). She and the other women were the first ones came to the tomb early in the morning, and she was the first one saw the risen Lord Jesus and went to tell his apostles that was reported in today’s Gospel. Who is this Mary Magdalene so special that the risen Lord Jesus appeared to him that she couldn’t even recognized him until he called her name “Mary”?

Mary Magdalene, the moment that she was forgiven her sins, loved the Lord more and became the first woman to follow Jesus. Her love for the Lord Jesus was so great that she couldn’t recognize him until he called her name. Have you and I ever missed seeing the Lord Jesus or recognizing him in our lives?

A group of students put on a skit using today’s Gospel. The skit begins with a scene of a student runs over to a group of students and asks, “Where is Jesus? Where have they taken him?” Everybody in the group, one by one, begins to say, “I don’t know” or “I have no idea.” Then they all begin to look for Jesus around his tomb.

On the other corner of the stage, a student raises his voice saying, “Don’t look for Jesus, he is not there. He is with my mom at home. Each time I help my mom, Jesus’ shining face imprints on my mom’s smile.

Yet, at the other corner of the stage, another student raises his voice saying, “the Lord Jesus is in the Church. Each time I come to Church is each time I have a chance to listen to him in the Gospel’s proclamation and to hold him when I come up to receive Communion.”

On the third corner of the stage, another student raises his voice and says, “The Lord Jesus is in the class. Each time I help a friend with homework and study is each time I meet the Lord Jesus in my friend.” (Our Family Magazine, Lent 1997, Canada).

Is the Lord Jesus still present in our midst? How would we see him or recognize him in our life? Just as Mary Magdalene recognized him and went to spread the good news to others, what would you do when you recognized his presence in your life?


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