Monday of 15th Week of OT--Memorial od Saint Bonaventure

Exalt Will Be Humbled and Humble Will Be Exalted

A young beautiful lady came from a high class family wanted to join a cloister. To test her vocation, a vocation director made up all kinds of difficult situations that she would have to face in the convent. After listening, she was a little trembling of the rules and the regulations that all the sisters in the house have to obey. After a moment of silence, the vocation director asked, “Do you have anything to say?” “Yes,” the young lady replied, “I have one question: How many crosses are there in this house, sister?” “There are many. It’s almost everywhere you go.” “Sister,” young lady responded, “I want to join. I believe that nothing is too difficult for me since there is a cross everywhere in this house that I can turn to compare with what Jesus suffered on the cross.”

Today, the Church remembers Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. Unlike the young lady finds uplifting on the cross that she decided to join the convent, when Saint Thomas Aquinas, a friend of Saint Bonaventure, asked him where he finds his great learning that he replied by pointing to the crucifix. Meditating on the crucifix, one can find wisdom, strength, and courage to face any challenge or difficulty of life.

It is on the cross that God the Father exalts his Son, so that all who look upon him will find meaning, comfort and strength. What would you and I turn to when we experience difficulty and challenge of life? Would you find wisdom, strength and courage on meditating on the crucifix or you find depressed, sadness, or destruction? If the crucifix turns you into depressed, sadness, or destruction, ask yourself: have I had a good father? If I have a good father, has my father been the same with the Father of Jesus on the cross?


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