Monday of 14th Week of OT Cycle C

Faith Brings Healing

After finished his drawing of San Pietro in Montorio, a Church in Rome, Donato Bramante, an Italian architecture, was invited to visit Pope Julius II. Coming to see the Pope, he took with him his little boy. After looking at the drawing of Saint Peter Church, Pope Julius II was very please and proceeded to the money safe. The Pope told Bramante’s son to take as many of the gold coins with his two hands from the safe. The little boy didn’t move at all, so the Pope took two hands full of gold coins and asked the little boy opened his shirt so he could place these coins on it. When they got home, Bramante asked his little boy why he didn’t take the gold coins with his two hands when the Pope asked him to do so. The little boy replied that his hands were too small, but the Pope’s hands were much bigger.

In today’s Gospel, both the official, who has a daughter just died, and a woman suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years, put their trust and believed in the Lord Jesus that Jesus raised the little girl back to life again and healed the woman from her hemorrhages. It was their faith that they placed in God’s hands that he healed the woman’s sickness and even raised the dead of the little girl back to life again.

Have you and I ever placed our faith completely into God’s hands? God created us not with big hands, but small ones, placed on the big hands of God. Is there ever been anything in life that robs our faith away from God? How would we avoid doubt and have a total faith in the Lord no matter what happens in our life?


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