Monday of 11th Week of OT Cycle C

Offer No Resistance to One Who is Evil

To fight back or to offer no resistant to the one who hurts us somehow or someway is a question of decision required an answer. Our natural human defense teaches us to defend ourselves when we are attacked in any form and in any way. If someone talks bad about me in front of others, I ought to defend it by saying something to fight back if it’s true or not. If someone hurts me mentally or physically, I ought to defend myself by hurting back that person somehow or someway so that person might not hurt me again in the future. In fact, this is exactly what people are taught in the Old Testament that Jesus reminds us in today’s Gospel saying, “You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Jesus, in his wisdom, teaches us to go a farther step saying, “But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil.” Why does Jesus teach such thing to give another cheek when someone strikes you on one cheek?

A man had a dream one night that he saw another man standing in front of him to talk bad about him in front of a lot of people too bad to the point that most of people laughed at him and joined to the other man to accuse him of who he was. He woke up in the middle of the night all sweat and couldn’t go back to sleep because of his angry toward the one who accused him wrongly in the dream. Morning came, he decided to go and to look for the man who accused him in his dream since he saw his face and remembered his face vividly. He looked and he searched day after day and month after month, anger built up more and more to the point that he got sick and died.

Have you and I ever held any resentment or any angry moment towards someone who hurt us somehow or someway? Have you and I ever lost sleep because of this person or that person said something against us falsely that bothered us that we even brought it to bed in our sleep and couldn’t sleep over it? Have you and I ever got hurt from friend(s) or even loved one(s) mentally or physically that we have difficulty to forgive and might hold a resentment in our heart, mind, and soul? How would you understand the words of Jesus when he said, “Offer no resistance to one who is evil”? Who would be considered as evil in your definition?


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