Monday, December 30, 2019

Prophetess Anna Gives Thanks for the Deliverance of her People

Louis Pasteur, born in December 27, 1822, in Dole, France and died in September 28, 1895. He was a French Chemist and Microbiologist who was one of the most important founders of medical microbiology. He once was on the train to go to Paris. With his Holy Rosary on his hand, he seated next to a young man. A young man stared at him for a while, then he said, “Excuse me sir, we are living in a far more advanced science now. I don’t understand why you still believe in that Rosary.” The young man even promised to send Pasteur a book of science to read and know many discoveries that science has been discovered. Louis Pasteur took out his business card and gave it to the young man and said, “I’m waiting for your book.” After he left, the young man looked at the business card which said, “Louis Pasteur, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Lille University” in France.

A famous scientist with the Holy Rosary on his hand to teach us how important it is meditate on the mysteries of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ from the moment of his conception to the moment of his passion, death and resurrection. Only through the life of meditation on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary that one can recognize the closeness of the Lord to us.

Anna, a prophetess, reported in today’s Gospel, who was advanced in years and never left the temple after she lost her husband with seven years together. She stayed in the temple to worship night and day with fasting and prayer to wait for the Messiah. These fasting and prayer allowed her to recognize the child Jesus when his parents presented him to the temple.

How is your prayer life? Do we need to recognize Christ in our Christian life? Why do we need to recognize him in our Christian life? What would we do or live when we recognize him in our Christian life? Is there a purpose for this life? What is a purpose of this life for you? How would we achieve our purpose?


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