Friday of 3rd Week of OT A--Memorial of Saint John Bosco, priest

Difference Between Love and Be Loved

With passion to serve the youths and encouraged during his youth to become a priest so he would work with young boys, John studied and was ordained in 1841. His service to young people started when he met a poor orphan and instructed him in preparation for receiving Holy Communion. He then gathered young apprentices and taught them catechism.

Saint John Bosco’s theory of education could well be used in today’s schools. It was a preventive system, rejecting corporal punishment and placing students in surroundings removed from the likelihood of committing sin. He advocated frequent reception of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. He combined catechetical training and fatherly guidance, seeking to unite the spiritual life with one’s work, study and play.

At the age of twenty-three, I went Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, Texas, my first school in America after one year arrived to America. This school has been run by the government, and so it’s free. Students were taught a trade and encouraged to take GED. School also helped us to find job after we graduated. If one applied himself or herself into the program, one would have a better life after the graduation. I studied fourteen months and received my Electrician and GED diplomas. I worked for Schill Electric Company after my graduation. This school was excellent for those young men and women who couldn’t find help from their loved ones. However, the only one thing that lacked was spiritual ministry to these young men and ladies.

The words of the Lord Jesus reminded us reported in today’s Gospel chosen for memorial of Saint John Bosco that the Kingdom of heaven is for those who turn and become like children. As children who do not only need physical, mental and human supports but spiritual support as well, and Saint John Bosco did just that to combine all together to help the youths. As a Christian, our life is not only about this physical being, but rather the spiritual being which brings our physical being into existence. Recalling the story of creation reported in the book of Genesis, after God created Adam, he breathed into his nostrils and brought him into being. Our entire being is a composite of physical body and spiritual being, how would we take care of our human being if it’s not to take care both our physical body and our spiritual being? An invitation to become like children is to invite us to depend on God who is the sole author of our life. Lacking either physical body or spiritual being, we truly do not have life within us. Life within us then depends on God the Creator of our life, who then would we depend our life on?


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