Friday of 32nd Week of Ordinary C

Where The Body Is, the Vultures Gather

Elena Frings, a young woman in her 20’s, was informed by her doctor that her heart was so weak that she had only six months to live. She decided to leave her office job in Santiago, Chile, and worked as a volunteer community organizer among the cities slum-dwellers.

“That way I will die happy,” she said to a friend. Ms. Frings worked so effectively that she was invited to New York to give talks about the program. There, she met a surgeon who successfully operated on her defective heart.

Elena Frings is now back in South America, helping the poor who live on the margins of society. It was her expectation of death - not the operation - that gave new meaning and direction to her life.

Today’s Gospel is a continuation of yesterday’s Gospel. After Jesus reminds his disciples the story of Noah, he tells them that the day of the Lord comes will be sudden that they need to be ready. People live their normal lives, but some are taken, and others are left behind. Jesus then concludes saying, “Where the body is, there also the vultures will gather.” In other words, if our faith is dead, there might not be salvation. Ms. Frings tries to find happy death in serving others that she finds her life saved by a doctor. Perhaps, in serving one another, we might find our faith alive. If you were given six months to live, what effect would the news have on your life? The way each of us responds to that question is actually our answer to the question, "What is death?" Or rather, what is the kingdom of God? How would we know when the kingdom of God will come? Or rather, when is our end time will come? Are you and I ready for that day?


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