Friday of 31st Week of Ordinary C

What Does It Mean Acting Prudently?

In today’s Gospel, Saint Luke retold us a parable that Jesus talked about the dishonest steward who acted prudently. Dishonest and acted prudently, why and how?

Steward, at that time in that culture, was the one who’s taking care of his master’s finance. Since he’s taking care of his master’s finance, he could arrange the finance in any way he wanted that his master might not even know. In this parable, the master knew his crooked way of dealing with his finance, so he called him for some explanations and clarifications. In this wake-up call of his master, the steward came to a realization and called his master’s debtors came one by one. He asked these debtors to pay either half or part of the debt instead of the full debt, so that if his master let him go, they might consider to help him.

In this parable, Jesus has never intended to encourage us to live a crooked way of life like this steward, but he invites us to learn to use the material things of this world to help one another.

Story told that there was a man who worked very hard in his life to save a lot of money, and he was very rich. When he died, they found that he still held on to a big bag of US dollars with him to go to the nether world after dead. After a day of walking, he’s hungry. He stopped at a restaurant. Looking through the menu, he asked for a big Mac with triple beef patties and a large French fried and a large size of diet Coke. All these costed only $1.00. When he’s about to pay, he just accidentally saw his favorite filet mignon steak with a whole lobster, he asked to see how much was that plate. “Only $1.00,” the waitress replied. He immediately paid for this plate instead of big mac, but the waitress reminded him that they didn’t accept US dollars, the money that he took it in. They used their own dollars, and their dollars is the dollars of giving not taking in. “So, what is the dollars of giving?” the man asked. “The money of giving,” the waitress responded, “was the money that when you was still alive, you used them to help others.” He looked through his bag of US dollars and couldn’t find any dollar of giving, and he began to starve.

How would you and I use all the blessings that we’ve received throughout our life here on earth? How would you and I use the gifts of our treasure, talent, and time to help our family, our community, and our society? The dishonest steward used his “stealing” money “to buy” friends, what would you and I use our materials on earth for? The decision is yours.


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