Friday of 29th Week of Ordinary C

How to Interpret the Present Time?

A cop stopped a car and asked, “Sister, do you know that you are driving so slow?” “NO,” she replied, “I saw 41, that’s why I drove 41.” “Oh, no” the officer said, “It is highway 41, not the speed limit.” She responded, “I’m sorry. I thought it’s a speed limit.” The cop saw sisters on the back seat all nervous and afraid, he asked, “Sister, what happens to your friends back there?” One of the sisters responded, “Well, we just passed on highway 101.”

There are many signs in our daily life, but Jesus warns us in today’s Gospel saying, “You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky; why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” Or rather, we are invited to be ready for the Lord to come since he would come in any moment of our lives. The question is: How would we be ready? What would we do in order to be ready for the Lord to come?

To be ready for the Lord to come, perhaps, we are invited to avoid all the attractions that this world might offer to us to learn to quiet ourselves to listen to the Lord in our daily life. Learn to spend at least fifteen minutes a day, especially when we go to bed, to quiet ourselves and listen to the Lord. Try not to follow all the busy activities that might run in our heads when we try to quiet ourselves. What we would do when we spent time to listen to the Lord, learn to have courage and strength to do what the Lord asked us to do. It’s often not what we expected nor what we wanted, but we are invited to learn to follow God’s will, not our own will.

We might be very good at diagnose of our own symptom(s) of illness and sickness, but we might not know how to treat them nor have enough courage and strength to treat the symptom(s) that we might have. Medicine is good for healing the sickness and illness, but persistence in our prayers and faithful to the Lord are excellent medicine to prepare ourselves to be ready for the Lord to come. Decision is yours.


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