Friday of 28th Week of Ordinary--Feast of Saint Luke, Evangelist

Preaching with Charity of Twofold

Today, the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Luke, the evangelist. He was a Physician and a painter at Antioch. He was a convert of Saint Paul and became his fellow laborer afterwards. Even though he was not an eye witness of Our Lord’s life, he diligently gathered information from the lips of the apostles and wrote all things in order as he told us. He was a humble historian who never named himself, but by his occasional use of we for they we were able to detect his presence in the scenes which he described. He died a martyr’s death in Achaia.

In today’s Gospel, Saint Luke reports the scene Jesus appointed seventy-two disciples whom he sent ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended to visit. Why did Jesus send these seventy-two disciples in pairs? Saint Gregory the Great, Pope, once said in his homily that “Jesus sent his disciples out to preach two by two because of the precept of charity is twofold—love of God and love of one’s neighbor” (Hom 17, 1-3: PL 76, 1139).

Preaching then is not only the job of the twelve apostles, but the seventy-two as well. Perhaps, preaching is a responsibility of all Christians who bear the name of Christ through the Sacrament of Baptism. In preaching to others, we are reminded the charity of twofold. The question is, how would we preach with the love of God and the love of one’s neighbor?

Two lambs were walking opposite on the narrow way. If they tried to press each other to pass through, they both might end up in the river. After a brief pause, one decided to lie down to allow the other to walk on him to go through, then he stood up and continued on his way. Each one of us is invited to preach with the love of God and the love of one’s neighbor. How would we love God and love one’s neighbor if it’s not to learn to humble ourselves to acknowledge the need for God and the need for one another. Decision is yours.


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