Friday of 21st Week of Ordinary C

How Would We Prepare to Meet the Lord?

What would one do when he or she has only one more day to live? One might want to hold the hands of a loved one, a dear one to him or to her. Other might spends his or her last day to eat and to drink what is his or her most favorite food and drink. Still other might call a priest for the last rite preparing him or her to meet the Lord. Yet still other might be depressed and stressed that he or she would not want to open the eyes to see anything and anyone nor open the mouth to speak anything to anyone. Other might shake his or her head as if he or she would not want to leave this world nor he or she would be ready to leave. Still other might not be able to communicate what he or she wanted to say at the last day which he or she could not communicate. More other might be motionless with tear running on his or her eyes as if he or she wanted to say something but couldn’t. All these and many more situations remind us how would one prepare himself or herself for the last day on this earthly journey?

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us how to prepare for our last day here on earth by telling us a parable. A parable of the ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet their bridegroom. In these ten virgins, five are wise and others are foolish. Unlike the foolish ones, the wise ones brought with them the flasks of oil with their lamps, the foolish ones didn’t. The bridegroom came in the middle of the night, the lamps of the foolish ones ran out of oil that they asked the wise ones for some of their oil. The wise ones couldn’t share their oil with the foolish ones it’s not because they were selfish since this oil can be symbolized as how we live our Christian life in following Christ. This oil can also be symbolized as what we do with what we have and who we are that God so blesses us with all the blessings. This oil can be symbolized as how we share our blessings with others? When the Lord comes, the end time of each individual one of us, the oil that we save can only be used for each individual one of us alone and cannot be shared with others. So, how can we save this oil in waiting for the bridegroom, the Lord, to come? How would we prepare ourselves in waiting for the Lord to come? What would we do now when we still have time to prepare for the day of the Lord to come? If you have only one day to meet the Lord, what would you do? What if you have only one month or one year before you meet the Lord, what would you do? Decision is yours.


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