Friday of 1st Week of OT A

Have You and I ever Inspired by The Word of God?

The life of Saint Anthony of Egypt will remind many people of Saint Francis of Assisi. At the young age of twenty, Anthony was so moved by the Gospel message that we heard in today’s Gospel, chosen for the feast of Saint Anthony, reported a young man came and asked Jesus what must he do to inherit the Kingdom of God? To him, Jesus responded that inspired Saint Anthony, “Go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” Saint Anthony did just that with his large inheritance. He was different from Francis in that most of Anthony’s life was spent in solitude. His solitude life drew many people to himself for spiritual healing and guidance.

Anthony is associated in art with a T-shaped cross, a pig and a book. The pig and the cross are symbols of his valiant warfare with the devil—the cross was his constant means of power over evil spirits, and the pig was a symbol of the devil himself. The book recalls his preference for “the book of nature” over the printed word. He died in solitude at the age of 105.

Just as Anthony was inspired by the Word of God to offer his large inheritance to the poor, have you and I ever inspired by the Word of God? Has there been a moment in your life and mine inspired by the Word of God? What would you and I do when we are inspired by the Word of God? Has anyone ever said something that reminded you and me the Word of God? Have you and I ever used the Word of God to inspire others?


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