Friday of 1st Week of Easter A

Cast the Net for a Catch

At the command of Jesus before and after his death, the lame walked, the mute spoke, the sick was healed and even the death was raised back to life again. At his command, the storm died out, the wind stopped, the water changed into wine, and the fish was caught in number reported in today’s Gospel after his resurrection from the dead.

Had Jesus ever died? Has he ever been raised from the death? Where is he now? His dead was a fact. He has been raised from the death was also a fact because he showed his disciples his nail marks on his hands and his feet that we heard it from yesterday’s Gospel. He is with his Father in heaven as he told his disciples before he was taken up into heaven. So, Jesus was died, risen and taken up into heaven with his Father was a fact.

What is it to do with us? When we need him, can he be there for us? When we or our loved one(s) are sick, will he be there to heal us or our loved one(s)? When we seem to be lost, will he be there to direct our path? When we face this pandemic of coronavirus, is he present to stop spreading this virus to infect so many and killed thousands of people? When I’m reflecting these questions, my faith is strengthened and confirmed that he’s present in my life at this moment to protect me from getting infected by this dangerous virus that’s why I’m still here to celebrate Mass with you every day during this pandemic.

Just as the risen Christ continues to be present in his Church that the Church, even though she went through tough and difficult times, still stands and witnesses to his passion, death and resurrection. Are we with the Church to proclaim the Good News to others? Have you been able to recognize his presence in your lives? If yes, how do you live your Christian life after the experience? If not, how do you live your Christian life so to experience his presence? When his disciples did at his command, they caught a number of fish, have you and I ever had courage and strength to do what he commands you and me to do in our Christian journey? Two great commands he gave us: To love God and to love one another, how have we lived these two great commandments? The decision is yours.


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