Friday of 1st Week of Advent

Faith That Heals and Cures Sickness and Illness

What is faith? According to the teaching of the Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is “both a gift of God and a human act by which the believer gives personal adherence to God who invites his response, and freely assents to the whole truth that God has revealed” (p.878). If faith is a gift from God, then we don’t need to search for it. It is instilled in our being the moment that we are born into this world. But as a gift, one needs to open the gift and use it. What does it mean to open the gift and use it if it’s not required our human act?

In today’s Gospel, there were two blind men followed Jesus and cried out, “Son of David, have pity on us!” What made these men called on Jesus to have pity on them if it’s not that they believed he could heal them from their blindness? They were blind, how could they know that Jesus passed by them? Perhaps, they heard about Jesus and what he had done, and they had come to believe in him. To confirm their faith, Jesus asked them, “Do you believe that I can do this?” To this question, they replied, “Yes, Lord.”

Have you and I ever been blind? Not only you and I, but the whole human race have eyes to see, but how comes many of us cannot see Jesus, the Healer, the Savior? Perhaps, there are a number of reasons that we have eyes, but we might be able to see. First, the idolatry of worshiping other gods that covers our sight to recognize Jesus as the Healer—the gods of money, power, pleasures, and domination. Also, the hatred and resentment toward others that might cover our eyes to see Jesus as the Healer. Finally, the seeds of despair that devil planted in our heart, mind and soul to lose faith in Jesus the Healer. You and I might not be physically blind, but have you and I ever experienced Christ the Healer in our lives? If not, why not? If yes, what would we do now? The decision is yours.


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