Friday after Epiphany

Faith in the Son of God Heals and Cures Sickness and Illness

Leo Tolstoy was a Russian writer and one of the greatest authors of all time. One of his best known novels was War and Peace in 1869, he recalled an inspired experience. War didn’t bring any good but poverty in all over the country. One day, he was stopped by a beggar asking him for some change. He searched and searched his pockets and found none. He disappointed and said to the beggar, “My brother, don’t get mad at me. I’m sorry that I don’t bring anything with me!” The face of the beggar was lightened up instead of getting upset and said to Tolstoy, “You called me brother, and that was a greatest gift already.”

Just as the beggar begged Tolstoy for change, the leper, reported in today’s Gospel, begged Jesus for healing saying, “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.” The beggar asked Tolstoy for change, the leper asked Jesus for healing his leprosy. He touched Jesus’ heart that he did not only grant him his desire to be cleaned from his leprosy, but he also stretched out his hands to touch him to bring him back to the society away from isolation. The words of Jesus restored, and his touch reestablished our relationship with one another and with God.

How are our words and our interactions with one another in this walk of life? Are our words bring physical healing for one another? Are our interactions with one another to embrace our relationship with one another and with God? Jesus’ words bring healing for the sick and the disease, how are our words to others? Jesus’ touch is to reestablish relationship with one another and with God, how is our interaction with one another to bring each other closer or to bring distance from one another?


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