C--Tuesday of 13th Week of Ordinary

O You of Little Faith!

Today’s Gospel is a continuation Gospel of yesterday that Jesus invite those who want to follow him. In today’s Gospel, Matthew reports to us that Jesus was asleep in the boat, while the boat was being swamped by waves. It was either Jesus was very tired from his ministry or he just wanted to see how much faith his disciples had on him. Perhaps, Jesus just wanted to test his disciples and replied to them when they woke him up, “Why are you terrified, o you of little faith?” Facing a violent storm, they said to Jesus, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” Perhaps, we would all do the same to call on God when we had to face any danger of life. Was it just a natural response when we faced any danger in life? Why did Jesus tell them, “O you of little faith?” Or rather to tell them, when I am with you, there is nothing can harm you. The question for us then, have we had Christ in our life? If yes, have you and I had any fear now in our life? If no, how would we have Christ in our life?

If you and I haven’t had Christ in our lives, please come to Mass to receive Christ in the Eucharistic. With Christ in our lives, nothing can harm us. If you and I already have Christ in our lives, what is that in life that makes us lose focus on him? Sickness, difficulty with finance, mistrust with one another in marriage life, children falling away from Church, and many other problems that might become a stumbling block for us to focus on Christ, to have faith in Christ in our lives.

A man was about to come to a city and accidentally saw an epidemic disease entering the city, he asked, “What are you going to do in the city?” The epidemic disease responded, “I will kill 5,000 people in the city.” Out of fear, the man decided not to enter the city. After a while, he saw someone came out from that city and asked her, “How many people died from that epidemic disease in the city?” “50,000 people,” she responded. One day, the man saw the epidemic disease again and was about to enter into another city, the man accused the epidemic disease as a liar. He said to the disease, “You told me that you killed only 5,000 people, why did you kill 50,000 instead?” The epidemic disease smiled and replied, “I did kill only 5,000 people. The rest of them died because of fear.”

We don’t have to die with gun, violence, cancer, or any other terrible things happen to us, we can still die just because of fear. Just as the disciples were terrified because of the fear of the swamping waves, is there anything in life that might cause fear for you and for me? How would we overcome fear in our lives? Just as Jesus calmed the storms of the ocean, would you and I believe that he would calm the fear that we might face in this walk of life when we have him in our lives? Are you and I with little faith or no faith at all in the Lord Jesus?


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