C--Tuesday of 12th Week of OT

Do a Little Thing with Great Love and Allow the Lord to Do the Rest

Do good to others, and they will do good back to us. Does it sound like normal? Don’t we all do it in our life? In today’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus reminds us saying, “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.” In other place, he invites us to do without expecting of paying back.

A lady once came to visit her friend and accidentally read the words displayed on her refrigerator saying, “Do good to others and expect nothing in return.” She found it interesting, so she copied and brought it home. She wrote on a piece of paper and stuck it on her refrigerator. Her husband, a teacher, liked it and wrote it on the board in his classroom. One student loved it and wrote it down for her dad. Her dad was a journalist found it meaningful, and he posted on the news. Not too long, this sentence became like a gasoline spread wide everywhere in US.

In one beautiful morning at Chicago, they found a young man took his shovel to his neighbor houses to shovel and to clean the snow in front of their houses. In Saint Luis, a man easily got mad at everyone. Someone one day slight hit his car. He rolled down the window and smiled at the other and assured him that it’s okay. In San Francisco, a lady stopped to pay toll fee to pass the Golden Gate, she paid not only for her own car but for several cars behind as well. At a drive through of Whataburger in Flour Bluff one day, a man paid for his meal and offered to pay for several others behind him.

What you and I would like to post a sentence or a phrase that would inspire others to take an action in our life? Just write down some encouraging words, motivational words, loving words, or whatever nice and kind words to stick it on your refrigerator, on the mirror of your bathroom, outside your entrance door, or wherever it is available. Perhaps, we might not be able to change someone, but the Lord who provides the light for us to see will shine in the darkest place of someone and to have them change according to His will. We just need to do some little things with great love and allow the Lord to do the rest. Decision is yours.


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